Heyo Apple and Onion Fans, if you don't know me (ehich most of y'all do), I'd like to introduce myself. I'm SpongeJay731, and I make Blogs on The Encyclopedia SpongBobia Wikia Site. Tryin sayin that 5 times fast. Anyway, I've been watchin Apple and Onion, and Man do I love that so and we've only been in for 4 episodes! It's a really nice Series and I'm here to show/give you details on why this is one of many of the Best CN Series Ever!

The Continuity 

One thing that I like about Apple & Onion is not only the continuity, it's how they help others and give back to the community that they either destoryed, or is helpin them out with them, and jus thavin fun in the Big City. It shows how 2 Chill Guys and totally make a difference in a person that lives in that City in the Show, become somthin better when they're around Apple and Onion. It also shows how to unlikely people can make "The Perfect Team", and they can do anything that they want in their own way, like the theme song.

I think that this Series also has a Finn/Jake, Mordicai/Rigby type feel to it, since you know like I just stated how 2 unlikely people can make a totally Peafect Team, and they can toally make a difference in a person's life inside and outside of the Television. Cartoon Network has a lot of shows liek these, even back in the Early 00s and it when you lok about to Cow and Chicken, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Camp Lazlo, CN's goin back to their old roots, while still keeping the unlikely people becoming a Pefect Team. 

CN's Turning Point

Thsi Series is what CN needs right now. I'm not just sayin that becaus of TTG always gettin air time still even tho CN's really tryin to hide TTG and give the Spotlight to Unikitty, Apple & Onion, and soon Craig of the Creek, and Infinity Train. They're doin this because, they learned from their right and wrongs from last year, and improving totally out fo the box of TTG airing alot, and giving new Shows like what I just mentioned time to shine and time to get there and get good for them to sale merch and have good ratings on the Channel again. 

Again, like I just metnioned, CN's gonna go through a lot of changes with this Series, and it'll even change th channel as a whole. Look at what Unikitty is doin. CN's never been so great as of right now, with New SHows comin, and 2 more still to come later in March an Next Year. CN's totally done and over with their TTG days, but I can still see them airing new epsiodes and stuff like that, but what's unique about A&O, Unikitty, Craig, and Infinity Train, along with AT still airing, The Amazing World of Gumball, Ok K.O., and We Bare Bears is that they all have a lot of things in common...The Perfect Team. It's what CN's been known for for over 25 Years and it's showin right here, and right now with this Series on a rise to what I think will be one of the Best Cartoon Series on CN Ever. 


So, to conclude this first Blog Post on here, I think that Apple & Onion will be One of Many of the best Series on CN. It's really gettin there and I can just see that this Series will have full potential into the later months of this year along with Craig, and Unikitty. As of right now, Nick, and Disney can not top CN. CN is lookin for a destiny, and these 4 New Shows along with the other ones that I mentioned, will make CN King of Cartoons once again. 

Did you guys like my Blog? If so comment down below on what Y'all think about this awesomely Unique Series, and tell me what are y'all's thoguhts on Craig of the Creek and Infinity Train, and Unikitty if your also a huge fan as I am.

I hope y'all have a awesome relaxing weekend, and the week ahead.

Until Next Time A&O Fans!!!

SpongeJay731 (talk)SpongeJay731