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The C.L.I.C.K. Game is the third episode of Apple and Onion. The episode aired on July 25, 2018 along with Falafel's Fun Day

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Apple and Onion have to find a way to make money for a hot air balloon ride

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  •  Since French Fry is in jail, he will dismiss her sourcing on his computer, and she will maybe get her      revenge back.
    • It's possible that Cheesesteak challenges Apple and Onion to a C.L.I.C.K. game, where all friend foods get to be punished.
    • Also Burger is also dead forever, so it doesn't make sense that they would use French Fry's currency anyways.
  • The episode is fake and was never even a real episode to begin with because Apple & Onion ended after one month. Plus, this episode should have been on it's fanon wiki, because this wiki only speaks official news from Cartoon Network and real facts about the series.

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