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Sleep is the 4th Apple & Onion short. They sing about sleep, and as a result get barely any sleep

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  • This is the first time where we see Apple's feet without socks or shoes.
    • This is not the first time for Onion's feet, which are seen in the Pilot and in 4 on 1.
  • This is the second time Hoagie is in a short, even if he doesn't speak this time and isn't directly mentioned.
  • A quick reference to previous minisode when Apple slips his trademark move by saying "Buff up my head" but quickly corrects his lyric to "Jump from the bed".


The short on YouTube

Apple & Onion Minisode Sleep Cartoon Network

Apple & Onion Minisode Sleep Cartoon Network

Lyrics Edit

Apple: I like to use two pillows instead of one

Onion: I like to mix it up so tonight I'll use none

Apple: I like to stick my foot out when it, when it gets hot

Onion: I like to stick both out...or maybe not

Apple: Buff up my head, I mean, jump from the bed

So a skeleton doesn't grab up your leg-AAH!

Ha-ha-ha Onion you're a funny bloke with your Classic

Onion: Bedtime

Both: Skeleton joke

Onion: Okay, bedtime

Apple: Oh wait, I forgot to wash my teeth

Onion: WASH your teeth?!

Apple: You said "wash" earlier

Onion: Okay, fine, but after that we must go straight to bed because it's getting very late and we're just going to have to--

Both: Tell me about your sleep style~

Onion: Face down, arms up, I do that for a while

Both: Tell me about your sleep style~

Apple: I like to look at Onion with his little sleepy smile (Woo!)

Both: Fluff your pillow, fluff your pillow, fluff your pillow, fluff your pillow!

Apple: Count some sheep

Onion: Count some farmers

Apple Drink some milk

Onion: Wear pajamas

Apple: Primed for sleep time, and it feel so fine


Both: Now, we're, ready for bed, time, to, go to sleep!

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