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The non-real pilot episode of Apple & Onion aired on May 3, 2016 on Cartoon Network and was uploaded to its official YouTube channel on May 11, 2016.

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Apple and Onion get invited to Hotdog's party but they've still got some growing up to do.

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Apple and Onion sing a song about waking up at 5:49 in the morning. Suddenly Onion asks why they woke up at 5:49 P.M. Apple said he wanted a rhyme. Onion had a suggestion of doing it at 8:49 P.M. instead. Apple says that could worked much to Onion's dislike. Then Hot Dog accidentally invites Apple and Onion to a party. They find out French Fry is at it. Onion is revealed to have a crush on French Fry and is so excited. They then practice their dancing and then want to stand out. Apple and Onion realize they should act like grown ups. Thus they go to a bank and hold up a line. Apple and Onion got sent to jail where they meet Beef Jerky. He said to copy people in order to be grown up. They do so and it has weird results on the party. French Fry says they should be themselves. Thus the party is going fine. This causes them to tell Beef Jerky to do the same. 

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  • This is the unofficial pilot, and garned over 2 million views.
  • It received exactly 1,035,375 views on YouTube.
  • If this is canon this would take place after "A New Life."
  • Birthday Cake wouldn´t appear until "Apple's in Trouble."

Errors Edit

  • When Apple and Onion wake up the second time, the clock shows 1:24, when they said they would wake up at 8:49.
    • This could only be possible if Apple and Onion haven't set an alarm for 8:49 and slept more.
  • On the printed invitation for Hotdog's party, a character named "Birthday Cake" is seen, without any picture. They aren't seen at the party either, although it could be possible that they didn't come to the party.

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