Falafel's Fun Day is an episode of the Apple and Onion series.

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When Falafel decides to pack up and leave the city, Apple and Onion must convince him to stay or they will have to leave too.

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Falafel is watching television, until he gets a call from Apple and Onion, telling that Falafel is the best. They show examples of how he is so great. At night, Falafel fixed Apple and Onion's air conditioner, he said if it goes over 6, it will drip water everywhere. Then Onion asks if Falafel can tuck him in. He also said that he appreciate him. Then Apple and Onion think about their families and they miss them, as least they had each other. Falafel does the same thing in his apartment, but at least he had his TV. The next morning, Apple called Falafel, saying he needs him. When he's about to watch TV, Water dripped and broke the TV. He noticed that it's coming from the house on the building's roof. When he got there, he saw water everywhere. He sayes that he's gonna leave the city, forever! Apple and Onion try to fix it by planning a fun day for Falafel. Their first stop is the dollar store. Apple and Onion say that everything is only a dollar. Then Onion kicked a ball, it broke Pattie's pennie jar. Falafel will have to pay for the damaged shop, Falafel also has to pay for a basketball that Patie deflated on her own. Their second stop is a pigeon party. Their third stop is to a clock tower in the city, Falafel accidentally falls and says it's the worst day of his life. Later, Apple, Onion and Falafel go to a restaurant  we're they see Buffalo Mozzarella sing at an opera. Then they go on a helicopter were Apple falls off, but he's safe because of a parachute. Then back at Falafel's apartment, Apple and Onion bought him a new TV because of his credit card. Falafel tells them that they shouldn't have done that, making Apple and Onion feel bad. Later on, the two buy him a cap, then they sing a song when they found out that Falafel misses his parents. The episode ends with them sitting on the couch watching a show.

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