Summary Edit

The episode about apple and onion using a game to sell bottles. This episode aired on the date 3-16-2018 along with hot dog´s movie premiere. Its production code number should be 108.

Plot Edit

Apple and onion play a game called bottle catch where you play catch with a bottle by doing a simple throw or a fancy maneuver. There´s a flow you show throw it at. Then they rhyme game with game which apple will come up with a better rhyme. Apple and Onion then show why they´re so many bottle. They are selling bottles to make Patty rich. Then they attempt the blind super windmill tornado move. Onion doesn´t agree but they attempt it anyways. Apple fails the flip which causes the bottle to hit Onion´s leg. Then Energy bar appears and asks what they´re playing. They´re answer is bottle catch which causes her to throw it at them. It is now shown that patty and energy bar are rivals. Apple and Onion try to sell water bottle but then they realize they didn´t have a racing marathon today. Plus the water is free. They then try to sell water bottles via asking them nicely but have no success. They then realize patty will be very mad if they are failure