• Pizzacookie

    I can't believe people are bullying cartoon network for their shows. They have feelings too, and if you don't like their shows don't watch them! Thats also happening with apple and onion. The show has comedy, fun jingles, and cool characters and a nice art style!! I can't believe people hate this show.... But the fans are always the best!! :)

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  • Apple&onion


    March 15, 2018 by Apple&onion

    I was researching apple & onion when I learned that the minisode Lift  came out on my birthday! YAY!

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  • SpongeJay731

    Heyo Apple and Onion Fans, if you don't know me (ehich most of y'all do), I'd like to introduce myself. I'm SpongeJay731, and I make Blogs on The Encyclopedia SpongBobia Wikia Site. Tryin sayin that 5 times fast. Anyway, I've been watchin Apple and Onion, and Man do I love that so and we've only been in for 4 episodes! It's a really nice Series and I'm here to show/give you details on why this is one of many of the Best CN Series Ever!

    One thing that I like about Apple & Onion is not only the continuity, it's how they help others and give back to the community that they either destoryed, or is helpin them out with them, and jus thavin fun in the Big City. It shows how 2 Chill Guys and totally make a difference in a person that lives in that…

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